All about Porsche 911 - between 1963 and 1989

All about Porsche 911 - between 1963 and 1989 - Classic Porsche 911

“Tired of the expensive, speculative and money-drainer Porsche 911 world?”

“Do you feel you are a REAL fan of this particular sports car?
On offer consultancy for Porsche 911 road going cars built between 1963 – 1989

Talented consultant available for Porsche 911 world evaluation. His experience has been gained, since youth, on the field, in the workshop with hands on, and through industry automotive world.  

Advice work is supported by a vast documentation, technical information and photographs. Consultancy aims to find the correct dynamic balance on passion, enthusiasm and economic expenditure. 

Consultancy for: 
  • Vehicle technical assesment
  • Used car acquisition
  • Real state assesment
  • Diagnosis
  • Evaluation fo repairs to be done ore already carried out
  • Tinwork 
  • Spare part research new/original/used parts
  • Road test  
  • Bodywork assesment
  • Suspension
NO repairs are carried out directly.

Consultancy intends offering advice with the owner of the car, for a scheduled step by step program for restoring the car, or specific repair work.

The customer decides where he wishes to have his vehicle repaired as per repair schedule. This will guarantee an impartial assesment of the car and the repairs to be carried out. You will also have the benefit of avoiding unecessary work and money spent. 

Consultancy is intended for a whole day, or half a day. Eg: visiting a Garage workshop, work being carried out, evaluation for a used car on sale, sales people, etc.

Can be invoiced if requested
Money back guarantee!
Alessandro Muscinelli
Mob. +39-335/70.90.874

Alternative projects

Alternative projects - Classic Porsche 911

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